Silver Crafts Techniques

January 3, 2011

Silver CraftSilver Craft is a craft or a work made of silver. There are many techniques of thiscraft. There are handmade, machinery, and casting. But this time, we will focus on onetechnique that called Handmade.

Crafts with Handmade technique purely made by hand, without using the machine. Thiscraft is divided into 2; they are filigree and solid silver.

Silver filigree or known as Trap is the kind of silver which has a material very soft silverthread that twisted and pressed into plates. Silver thread was used to create a motif ordecoration of silver. Silver thread / filigree is not only used to make jewelry, but alsoused to make various miniatures like miniature rickshaws, horse-drawn carriage, wall hangings and many others.

Until now, the silver filigree still has a place in the hearts of fans of the silver because this type of craft can not be made by machines. In other words, the silver filigree of silver crafts is truly handmade.

Meanwhile, Solid Silver is silver craft that made from principal silver plate / sheet of silver. This material is more flexible to be formed or used to make silver. It usually used as the main ingredient for making equipment such as eating tools from silvers, bowls and many others. It is also often used to create miniature and jewels.


Trowulan’s Arca

January 3, 2011

Trowulan's ArcaTrowulan, a small village in East Java. One of Indonesia’s UNESCO Heritage Site. The village is familiar for national and international archeologists. Trowulan had been capital of a great kingdom, that is Majapahit Empire. So not surprisingly, founds many relics of the temple here which stands for ancient artifacts, such as coins and arcas from the era majapahit.

But, the point that i want to emphasize here is not about history of Trowulan village but the Arca craft that was never extinct since the days of Majapahit Empire. Arca is a statue of the god, and mythological creatures from Buddhism or Hindism. Arca which they usually make, made of stone and bronze. Although the manufacturing process today is somewhat more modern by using the machine, but the work of Trowulan arca craftsmen still highly valued because of the skill that they got from their ancestors was very unique.

Arca which Trowulan craftmens make is in expensive category. Bronze arca is more expensive than the stone one, although not as expensive as the price of statues from ancient times that may reach tens of billions of rupiahs.  Usually craftsmen in Trowulan send his work to Bali to be marketed. They had suffered losses during the Bali bombing that make tourists afraid come to Bali. Indirectly, their business is threatened. Fortunate, lately Bali returns as before the bombing and their businesses is safe.

Crafts From Flannel Fabric

January 2, 2011

Flannel Fabrics (Felt) is a soft texture and rich in color, it can be an alternative as a child’s toy-making materials. In addition to the flannel fabric, it would also require additional materials such as scissors, needles, sew yarn, glue, assorted ribbon, knick-knacks decoration, and pencil.

Flannel Fabrics (Felt) can be made into a finger puppet, Souvenir Wedding / Birthday, Photo Frames, Book Fold (Soft Book), Pencil Decoration, keychain, pins, Refrigerator Magnets, and others.

In the process of manufacturing, there are known many technical sewing, such as feston techniques, stacks techniques, and many others. The way to make it is very simple and easy. First, prepare the desired pattern; it can be shaped flowers, fruits, leaves, animals, stars, butterflies and others. Then cut out the flannel like pattern that you have prepared. After you cut flannel fabrics, then you can start knitting with yarn mattress with respect to harmony and color themes.

We do not require special skills in making a craft with Flannel fabric as the main material. With a little imagination and patience, we will be able to produce an interesting craft.

In addition, the craft of flannel cloth can produce work that is worth selling and can help increase financial inclusion. Creating a funny and interesting character will provoke interest of people to buy.

Batik Inspires Africa

December 31, 2010

Madiba Wearing BatikHave you seen the opening ceremony of FIFA world cup 2010 in South Africa? You can see there a display of fabrics that form a map of the African continent. It looks like batik but almost impossible, isn’t it? And perhaps, you would think that it just another kind of fabric that looks like batik. And for you who think so, you are wrong, that was batik! In fact, the fabric which used in the opening World Cup 2010 ordered directly from Indonesian Batik craftsmen and craftswomen.
First time batik became popular in Africa, when Indonesian Ambassador in South Africa, Mr. Selatan Sugeng Rahardjo, was giving Nelson Mandela (or commonly called Madiba) batik shirt as a gift in 1990. Since that time, Nelson Mandela often wear Indonesian batik in official events, even during his visit to Indonesia in 1997, Nelson Mandela dressed in batik and made President Sukarno, who dressed in full suit, silent for a while. Until now, Nelson Mandela often using batik, designed by Indonesian designer named Iwan Tirta.
But unfortunately, in african markets we will not hear “batik” word. Batik there known as “Madiba’s Shirt”. But, we ought to be proud. Because the most inspiring man in Africa loves our batik and makes it as the most inspiring fabric in Africa.

Magno RadioIs handcraft just forms as souvenir or ancient tools which has less-function? Nope, you wrong. Apparently there is also a handcraft that forms electronic equipment. We can call it e-handcraft.

The founder is Singgih S. Kartono with his sensational corporation named “Magno”. The fame magno’s product is the wooden radio which made by using hand. Magno became world phenomenon and was featured in hundreds of international magazines and TV shows, including Oprah Winfrey, and also as world’s inspiring nature-friendly electronic item. Because they use woods to make these things, they are also active in planting trees in the surrounding village as payback by using some of their incomes.

This sensational product creator lives in a small village named Kandangan in Central Java. With the assistance of his friend  Mr. Surya Pernawa, a sculpturer, observer and craft practitioner, he was able to create an object that has never existed before. They are planning to hire residents Kandangan, the total population is 4000 people so there is nothing to be unemployed. What a noble.

They can get USD 2500-3000 per month and now employs ten people. Kind of items that they made is not many yet. There are three types of wooden radio (WR01A-2B, WR03-CUBE/4B, WR03-RECT/4B), and several small items such as compass, magnifying glass, toy like gasing and stationery. To find out more news about this craft, please visit, the official site of the corporation handicraft makers.

Jaran Kepang or Kuda Lumping

December 29, 2010

Jaran Kepang comes from Java. Jaran Kepang is a kind of imitation horse which used in Jaran Kepang dance and Reog dance. This imitation horse is made of woven bamboo, called Kepang. Jaran itself means horse in the Java language. Jaran Kepang is equipped with various colors of clothes and also painted. But this is not just an ordinary imitation horse, Jaran Kepang has something magical inside which are believed by majority of Eastern Java people.
Jaran Kepang also called Kuda Lumping by Tengger people, and called Jatilan by Nongkojajar people. Kuda Lumping is the most famous name for Jaran Kepang. There is no historical record of the beginning of this art.
In Jaran Kepang dance, four until six people ride the Jaran Kepang. There is someone else burns the dupa, it is believed to summon the spirit of ghosts. The dancers become possessed by ghosts and be able to eat glass pieces. For foreigners, maybe most of them does not believe this. But believe it or not, it was really happen.
It’s hard to find Jaran Kepang maker at present time. Jaran Kepang or Kuda Lumping ussually sold in the other forms such as key chains, sandals, toys, etc. Jaran Kepang could be in danger. Even more worrying thing is our neighboring country used the opportunity of Indonesia’s cultural extinction. In Johor Baharu, Malaysia, we can find new version of Jaran Kepang, or people there call it Kuda Kepang. We all hope Indonesia can preserve the identity of this craft.

Seashell Crafts

December 28, 2010

Seashell CraftShells are usually discarded by fishermen and become waste. However, the craftsmen can take advantage of shell and makes it a fine, unique, luxurious and desirable art. Shells can be made into various objects such as key chains, plates, mirror frames, decorative table and even tables and chairs.

The making process of shell crafts is not very complicated. First is the process of sorting. Shells are usually used is derived from a female shellfish because it is wider, thicker and sturdier. The second is the washing process. Seashells are washed with water and then with sodium powder to eliminate the fishy smell. Next is the drying process. Shells are dried in the open air with the help of screen. While waiting, we do the process of preparation, such as designing the pattern. After all is ready, live shells made in accordance with our own creations.

The price of seashell craft varies from Rp500 to millions. It depends on the time of manufacture and the level of difficulty. For example, a replica of a boat which is composed of hundreds of shell plate for a month, usually sold for Rp5000000.

Craft shells have become a favorite commodity for export. Since 2000, European countries and parts of Asia has become the market subscription to this craft.